HySSIL, building better buildings for a sustainable world

HySSIL The Technology

HySSIL is a technology company that develops and commercialises innovative building materials and products. While HySSIL is focussing primarily on lightweight, high strength, wall panel systems, we are also developing technologies in other areas such as a new lightweight roof tile.


Geopolymer Cellular Precast Panel Systems

HySSIL has developed a range of cellular Geopolymer precast panels which are half the weight of conventional concrete precast panels, with similar durability and strength. The key ingredient, fly ash or, blast furnace slag, in lieu of Ordinary Portland Cement, results in a significant reduction of CO2emissions (approx. 60%).


Geopolymer Roof Tile Products

HySSIL has developed a range of Geopolymer roof tiles which are; lighter, stronger and more durable than conventional concrete roof tiles. The key ingredient in HySSIL’s Geopolymer roof tiles, fly ash, in lieu of Ordinary Portland Cement, provides a significant reduction in CO2 emissions (approx. 60%).


Cementitious Cellular Precast Panel Systems

HySSIL cementitious technology has been developed for general use in structural and non-structural wall panels focused predominately in the commercial and residential construction markets, however the nature of the products will offer other opportunities.


HySSIL The Name

The name HySSIL is an acronym for ‘High Strength, Structural, Insulative, Lightweight’ building products and systems.


HySSIL The Future

HySSIL will continue to invest significantly in research and development over the coming years.
Some of the early-identified projects which will benefit from a lightweight alternative, Carbon emission reductions and Embodied Energy savings are:

  • Flooring systems, for domestic and commercial applications
  • High performance acoustic barriers and partitions
  • Road barriers; permanent and moveable
  • Architectural panels and components
  • Large format building blocks
  • Blast and or earthquake resistant panels
  • Pavers, bricks & blocks, dry-stack retaining wall systems

CSIRO and the Research and Development Program

The HySSIL research and development projects have brought together a diverse team of scientists, engineers and technologists.

Global Opportunities

HySSIL is looking for partners who have the commercial and marketing skills to capitalise on the HySSIL technology advantages in construction markets around the globe.