HySSIL, building better buildings for a sustainable world

Features and Benefits

HySSIL bridges the gap between conventional concrete and AAC by offering significant advantages over both of these products. The current HySSIL cementitious wall panel product’s features and potential benefits are listed below:


Structural and non-structural panels:

Structural applications include multi storey buildings and
Non-structural or low load applications include external cladding, high noise reduction internal wall systems, road noise barriers, fencing and external walls for single and double storey housing.


Lightweight, high strength:

Enables lower cost building by reducing supporting structures and foundations;
Lightweight walling systems perform better than heavier systems where poor foundation conditions prevail and in earthquake zones;
HySSIL 1200 (1200kg/m 3 ) panels which are under development are 50% lighter than comparable concrete aggregate panels and
HySSIL 1500 (1500kg/m 3 ) panels are 40% lighter than comparable concrete aggregate panels. Australian Building Code endorsement for several applications of these panels has now been achieved.


Cost competitive:

Competitive ex-factory with pre-cast concrete
Lower transport, handling and erection costs and
Cost of manufacturing plant is comparable with normal pre cast plant and significantly less than for an AAC plant.


Exceptional thermal insulation properties:

Thermal conductivity up to five times better than concrete and
Pre-requisite for today’s energy efficient buildings.


Excellent acoustic properties:

Comparable with concrete and superior to AAC and
Ideal for high sound reduction walls.


Smooth, robust surface finish:

• Lower finishing costs than concrete and AAC;
• Suitable for external applications and
• Special design motifs can be easily cast in HySSIL panels.

Substantial fire ratings:

Superior fire ratings compared to conventional concrete;
Achieves 240/240/240 FRL (HySSIL 1500 @ 150mm thick) and
No toxic fumes.


High pullout strength:

Ideal foundation for masonry anchors and
Significantly higher than AAC.


Long term durability:

Drying shrinkage comparable with concrete and

Water resistance comparable to concrete and superior to unfinished AAC. Strong green credentials:

Residential wall systems constructed from HySSIL 1500 have approximately 65% less embodied energy, and approximately 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional rendered brick veneer wall systems. These figures are higher if compared to a double brick wall.


CSIRO and the Research and Development Program

The HySSIL research and development projects have brought together a diverse team of scientists, engineers and technologists.

Global Opportunities

HySSIL is looking for partners who have the commercial and marketing skills to capitalise on the HySSIL technology advantages in construction markets around the globe