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General Specifications

The current cementitious HySSIL product range has the following key characteristics:

Suitable for both structural or non-structural applications;
Offers customers a precast panel which is approximately 40% to 50% lighter than a conventional concrete panel of similar strength;
Competitive cost, relative to conventional precast wall systems;
Exhibits exceptional thermal insulation offering reductions in whole-of-life building energy costs;
Reduced existing embodied energy, green house gas emissions and embodied water when compared to other residential walling systems;
Acoustic properties comparable to conventional concrete making HySSIL an ideal material for high density residential living;
A smooth robust surface finish;
Superior fire ratings compared to conventional concrete;
Dense external surface ensures long term durability and
Improved “pull-out” strength and lower concrete shrinkage compared to autoclaved, aerated concrete (AAC) products.


The general specifications of the cementitious HySSIL product are represented in Table 1:

Table 1 – HySSIL Wall Panel, Specification Overview
Size Generally, panel sizes up to 7.0m x 3.0m / 21m2, subject to design characteristics
Thicknesses Common thicknesses available, from 100mm – 200mm.
Densities (kg / m3)
HySSIL 1200 has a density of 1200kg / m3, and HySSIL™ 1500 has a density of 1500kg / m3
Compressive Strength (28 days) HySSIL 1200, 9–12MPa*
HySSIL 1500, 17–20MPa
Flexural Strength (28 days) HySSIL 1200, 1–2MPa*
HySSIL 1500, 2–3MPa
Fire Resistance (FRL) HySSIL 1500 @ 150mm thick FRL 240/240/240
Thermal Conductivity HySSIL 1200 @ 100mm thick k=0.350, R=0.286
HySSIL 1500 @ 100mm thick k=0.600, R=0.167
Acoustic Performance - Airborne Sound Insulation HySSIL 1500 @ 150mm thick
STC = 50 - Rw = 49 - C; Ctr = (-1; -5)
Water Sorptivity HySSIL 1500 at 28 days
d24 = 9 – 13mm @ 28 hours
Drying Shrinkage HySSIL 1500 – (Size - 600mm x 1800mm x 100mm thick)
500 microstrain @ 56 days

Notes *Preliminary value (pending final test results)

Important Note: This table and its contents are provided as a reference guide only. HySSIL recommends that when designing / specifying HySSIL , the necessary information required be sourced from the ‘HySSIL Technical Manual’, which is available from HySSIL.

See the ‘Test Results and Properties’ page for further information on testing methods and HySSIL properties.



CSIRO and the Research and Development Program

The HySSIL research and development projects have brought together a diverse team of scientists, engineers and technologists.

Global Opportunities

HySSIL is looking for partners who have the commercial and marketing skills to capitalise on the HySSIL technology advantages in construction markets around the globe.