HySSIL, building better buildings for a sustainable world


The current HySSIL product comprises readily available materials. The manufacturing process relies on a patented mix formulation, a strict mix sequence and an innovative aeration technology.

The HySSIL manufacturing process utilizes a purpose designed mixer and controlled batch sequencing process to achieve consistent quality in terms of structural soundness and a smooth water-resistant surface finish.

The HySSIL technology has been developed for general use in structural and non-structural wall panels focused predominately in the commercial and residential construction markets, however the nature of the products will offer other opportunities.

The current cementitious product range is being developed in the density range of 1,200 kg/m 3 (50% lighter than comparable concrete panels) to 1,500 kg/m 3 (40% lighter than comparable concrete panels), HySSIL 1200 and HySSIL 1500 respectively.

Testing and development of the HySSIL 1500 product is complete and Building Code of Australia endorsement for several applications has now been achieved. Considerable testing and development work has been carried out by CSIRO and HySSIL on the HySSIL 1200 product and a final testing program is underway.

Design guidelines for engineers and architects for the HySSIL 1500 product have been prepared and are available on request.

CSIRO and the Research and Development Program

The HySSIL research and development projects have brought together a diverse team of scientists, engineers and technologists.

Global Opportunities

HySSIL is looking for partners who have the commercial and marketing skills to capitalise on the HySSIL technology advantages in construction markets around the globe.