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HySSIL Production Process

HySSIL largely comprises readily available raw materials. The HySSIL production process relies on a specific mix formulation, a set mixing process and a novel aeration technology. HySSIL manufacturing plants utilize these set processes to achieve a repeatable consistency of structural integrity and quality finish.

Conventional curing techniques such as heat curing, wet curing or low-pressure steam can be used in the production of HySSIL products.

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HySSIL Plant and Equipment

Considerable work has occurred in the development and design of a modular production facility that has primary output capacity of 6000 m3 / pa which, if required can be easily scaled up to meet the specific demands of the particular region and or market. In brief, the HySSIL production modular facility has three main components:


Batching Plant


This plant consisting of storage bins and conveying systems is standard to the concrete industry. Much of this plant may not be required by an existing precast concrete manufacturer who is currently batching concrete on-site.


Mixing Plant


The HySSIL mixing process has been specially developed for the HySSIL products as part of the intellectual property created by CSIRO. This equipment has been developed and designed to maximise HySSIL unique qualities whilst ensuring maximum production efficiencies are achieved.


Casting and Curing Plant


While some of this plant is common to traditional precast concrete, HySSIL has developed unique elements that will assist with the quality control and consistency that is required at this stage of HySSIL production cycle.

HySSIL is targeting the roll-out of these process technologies for a 6000 m3 production facility within the next year.


CSIRO and the Research and Development Program

The HySSIL research and development projects have brought together a diverse team of scientists, engineers and technologists.

Capital Raising

Invest with HySSIL and you could
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